ENC is an Australian multi-disciplined group providing turnkey specialised services to the construction,oil and gas, resources, energy and infrastructure sectors

We consult, manage or advise on the entire project life cycle

ENC Consulting provides clients with solutions for managing the entire project delivery life cycle.  Our methodology ensures that projects are completed successfully, on time and within budget.

Clients bring us their toughest problems, and we honour that by bringing them our best teams

Our teams work in a variety of roles to solve our client’s toughest issues – seamlessly integrating world-class problem solving, deep industry and functional expertise, and proprietary tools and capabilities to create real change and lasting impact.

We identify risks from inception to completion

We ensure that the contractual risks that projects face from inception to completion are identified at the outset and are mitigated in the project plan. Throughout the project we help clients track time, plan resources and monitor financial performance in order to achieve successful delivery of the project.

We negotiate and manage contracts

Organisations in both the public and private sectors are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve financial and operational performance. We have developed a finely tuned skill base that drills down to issues and practices hindering peak business performance.

Our Principles

ENC Consulting has been created by an experienced team of professionals who have a different vision of how to run a consulting firm. We have grown organically and through partnerships have developed a multidisciplinary management group, built on a heritage of leadership and a motto of pioneering new approaches to solving client problems.

Specialist knowledge combined with a collaborative consulting approach means we identify trends and develop solutions that transform our clients’ businesses and industries.

At ENC, we have people who are motivated to work alongside clients on their toughest, most complex challenges. At the same time, we also want our people to challenge each other to look for ways to evolve our own group so that we can sustain our competitive edge and contribute to the communities in which we work. In all that we do, internally and externally, we are committed to advancing a better way.

  • Understanding Client Needs

    As our client, we will work alongside you in identifying your needs, objective and outcomes.

  • Strategy & Planning

    We provide your company with strategic planning and project feasibility planning options.

  • Delivering Results

    We deliver integrated, streamlined and continuing solutions.

  • Expertise & Results

    We provide qualified and experienced management consulting professionals whose objective is to focus on results for your company

  • Confidentiality & Care

    Our multi skilled management team ensures your company’s privacy at all stages.

Meet some of our experts

Our multi disciplined approach ensures we have the right strategy and resources to provide strategic solutions tailored to meet our clients needs.

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Russel Davies

General Manager

Russel is responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of ENC.


Neil Tregea

Senior Project Manager

Neil has in excess of forty years’ experience in the management of multi-disciplined projects across many industries.

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